4D and Cerillion: Resilient colocation with complex network infrastructure

4D provides Cerillion with hosting across two data centres, networking between the facilities, layer-2 and layer-3 transit and managed backup services.

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Cerillion originally came to 4D for support on a project for a new customer which required high levels of resiliency across two data centres. Today, 4D provides Cerillion with hosting across two data centres, networking between the facilities, layer-2 and layer-3 transit and managed backup services. The two companies regularly work together on new projects, with 4D acting as a consultant to provide advice and support as Cerillion continues to grow.

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Despite the challenges of lockdown, working with 4D we were able to setup a geo resilient hardware stack in record time. The data centre interconnects and internet services worked first time, meaning minimal site visits were required, and 4D’s tech support and onsite smart hands were very quick to respond to any issues.”

Jamie Carr, InfrastructureManager | Cerillion
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About Cerillion

Cerillion is a leading software developer of billing, charging and customer management systems. They have more than 20 years’ experience delivering solutions across a range of industries including telecommunications, finance, utilities and transportation.

What 4D Provides


Fully managed comprehensive service offering

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Deployed across multiple sites


Expert support and consultation on new projects

The Challenge

Cerillion needed a network with high levels of resiliency – including multiple network paths through the data centre, across the core network, and out to the wider internet. We handled everything network-related which let Cerillion avoid the added complication of third parties getting involved. They also needed a variety of services hosted across a dual-site system. Since 4D could provide these dual-site services, and operate as an ISP for their network infrastructure, working with us meant Cerillion could achieve everything they needed with a single managed infrastructure partner, without diverting focus from developing their platform and end customers.

It is always great to work with a SaaS business that has such a keen eye on resiliency. When you couple that with Cerillion’s innovative software offering, they provide a reliable and valuable service.”

Ryan Jordan, Senior Account Manager | 4D
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Why they chose 4D

  • Proactive account management and technical support –4D handle Cerillion’s infrastructure and core network, allowing them to
    focus on their SaaS offering for their end clients.
  • An ultra-reliable core network -
    4D’s experience as an ISP gave us the edge over other providers.
  • Reducing complexity –When working on complex projects, Cerillion are able to entrust hosting, network and cyber security to one supplier.
  • Optimum resilience –Our fully managed comprehensive services are deployed across multiple site locations to safeguard critical business data and minimise risk.
  • Fast, agile response times - Since Cerillion are delivering products to end-clients, they really value speedy deployment. Cerillion know they can trust us to deliver on a tight deadline.

Proactive, full-service infrastructure management

As a telecoms SaaS provider, Cerillion needed to know that they can rely on a single infrastructure partner to keep their IT online and up to date. Our comprehensive service offering (colocation, connectivity infrastructure, dual site storage and cyber security) means they can relax and focus on what they do best – provide billing, charging and innovative customer management solutions to their end customers.

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