4D and Krome: Choosing a trusted colocation partner

Krome and 4D have been partners for over a decade, with Krome using 4D’s colocation and connectivity services to deliver an increased selection of excellent technology consultant services.

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Early in both companies’ histories there was a clear cultural and technical alignment between Krome and 4D. The two have been partners for over a decade, with Krome using 4D’s colocation and connectivity services to deliver an increased selection of excellent technology consultant services. 24/7/365 on-site technical support from 4D provides Krome with the reliability they need to look after their customers. And 4D’s quick-to-respond account management has supported Krome’s business growth over the years of working together.

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We have grown our footprint across sites because of the service and the way you run your data centre. We continually recommend 4D over the other colocation sites across the South East.”

Rupert Mills, Director | Krome

About Krome

Krome Technologies is a vendor agnostic technology consultancy operating nationwide out of offices across Surrey and Manchester. Krome work in partnership with its clients, assessing key business objectives and implementing the technology solutions that will help achieve them. Krome’s business model combines industry-leading technology accreditations with educated and diligent business managers, supported by a large team of experienced technical consultants. Their success comes from providing clients with unrivalled technical expertise along with extremely high service levels.

Key Stats


One of 4D’s top 3 channel partners


50% reduction in lost engineering time


100% power uptime and 99.999% on network

The Challenge

Krome had worked with other colocation providers in the past but had struggled with the fact that they didn’t really have 24/7 access, connectivity offerings were limited, and their account managers were slow to respond when contacted.

Since Krome pride themselves on their customer service record, they were being let down by their colocation partners not supporting them and were running the risk of disappointing their clients.

They needed a data centre operator who had more sophisticated connectivity options and shared their culture on customer service. This, combined with the fact that our Surrey site is conveniently close to theirs, led to them taking services with 4D.

Having worked with Krome for so long, we’re proud to partner with a company that provides the same level of customer service that we strive to deliver at 4D.”

Alex Webb, Head of Sales | 4D
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Why they chose 4D

  • Krome needs to provide 24/7 support to their clients. Other data centres hadn’t provided “true” 24-hour access and waiting times had led to lost engineering time. 4D’s efficient data centre access process has allowed Krome to save precious hours of engineering time.
  • A priority of Krome’s is to respond promptly to customer pricing requests. 4D’s account managers are responsive, professional and always on-hand to help and assist in any way they can.
  • 4D offers an impressive range of connectivity solutions, with 4D providing Krome with leased lines, point to point connections between Krome’s site and 4D, and multiple other connectivity solutions for Krome’s clients
  • Being a people-focussed infrastructure management company means 4D matches Krome’s customer service values and is committed to supporting Krome and their end clients as much as possible.

Relying on 4D’s colocation and connectivity solutions has allowed Krome to grow significantly in the last decade. They have taken on several new racks across both our Surrey and Gatwick sites, for their own services as well as on behalf of clients. We also provide connectivity for their clients and to Krome’s offices, including 10Gbps leased lines, and an interconnect between their racks at the two data centres.

Krome is one of 4D’s largest channel partners, and we are an essential element of their success. We are proud to have worked with a company with such an excellent customer service record. We are also so pleased to have found a company that mirrors our focus on delivering technical excellence.

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