4D and Sensical: Growing with the right Data Centre Partner

Sensical had a strict data centre selection process, which included ease-of-access, support, green credentials and on-site facilities.

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Sensical set out to find a data centre partner who would be easy to promote to their clients. They had a strict selection process, which included ease-of-access, support, green credentials and on-site facilities, so 4D are proud to have become their data centre partner of choice.

We caught up with Stefano Patacchiola, Operations Director at Sensical, to hear his first-hand experiences as a reseller working with 4D.

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In offering an eco-friendly data centre, 4D is instantly shortlisted and other sites can be equally excluded in the process. We feel just as confident in 4D now as when we started. There is proof of that with others too - on every subsequent visit, it is reassuring to see an ever-increasing population of full racks on the data floor."

Stefano Patacchiola, Operations Director | Sensical
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About Sensical

Since 2002, Sensical has been providing a variety of IT services such as email hosting, colocation and cloud hosting, to small and medium-sized businesses within the professional services sector.

Why they chose 4D


24/7/365 access to systems


Eco-friendly data centres


100% power uptime and 99.999% on network

What made you choose 4D?

We had some strict criteria in our selection process. So many data centres have access policies which make visiting a difficult process, but with 4D we are able to access our infrastructure at any time we require, which was particularly helpful during the early days of setting up. Also, reducing journey time when there is a fault is critical for our business operation and our clients’ businesses too.

When you first came to 4D, what did you think?

When we first visited the Byfleet data centre, we were impressed by the staff and setup. The kitchen facilities also impressed us. Not all data centres cater for the tech teams to have some food, a cup of coffee, make calls and sit with laptops away from the noise of the data floor. This way we can continue with normal work while still being on-site to do more hands-on work if required.

Sensical resells colocation space at 4D Surrey. What do you think attracts your customers to 4D?

The same reasons we chose 4D also appeal to them: 24/7 access, the location and staff. Green credentials or eco-efficiency comes up as a requirement more and more too. 4D’s sites are straightforward to promote and it’s easy to take our prospects round at short notice. We have one client based in Watford who we have put in the 4D Byfleet site, as it was quicker for their team members to whizz round the M25, rather than battling through central London traffic.

It's important to us that our customers trust us with their IT systems, not just keeping them online but also providing simple and reliable access. We're proud to be supporting Sensical as they continue to grow.”

Jack Bedell-Pearce, CEO | 4D
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Why do you stay with 4D?

As we are a reseller, competitive prices and great service are huge factors in keeping our core services at 4D. The process of getting carriers, extra cabling and installations is also very easy. We use the Byfleet site not only to host some of our customer-facing services, but also use it as the primary site for our core back-office operations, including our service desk, billing system and control panel.

What is your 4D account manager like?

Accessible, helpful and responsive. We work with other suppliers and we can wait up to three days to gain comprehensive pricing from them, whereas 4D get the prices back to us within minutes in some cases. This is exceptionally important when a client may have overlooked an IT requirement within a project and needs a time-critical solution from a supplier they trust.

About 4D

4D Data Centres is an independently owned, award-winning managed infrastructure provider with facilities in Gatwick, Surrey, Kent and London. Our colocation, cloud, connectivity and security services are tailored to your exact business requirements giving you peace of mind that your data is secure and accessible 24/7/365.

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