Careers at 4D

We take our work seriously. But not ourselves.

We're always interested in hiring skilled and conscientious people who can contribute to making us an even better provider of cloud, colocation and connectivity services.

To join us you'll need to...

  • Put our clients’ needs first
  • Be really skilled at what you do 
  • Be a team player
  • Be committed to doing whatever it takes to keep us online and connected 24/7
  • Be a good communicator (including being fluent in English) and have great attention to detail

In return, we offer...

  • Competitive pay & benefits
  • The opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects
  • On-going training & development
  • A great working environment in spacious offices with enthusiastic bosses

Current Full Time Vacancies

Please refer to the 4D LinkedIn page for latest opportunities.

Return to Work Scheme

We are looking for people who have a passion for technology and are looking to return to work following a 2-year career break.

At 4D, we understand the need for people to pursue both personal and professional goals. When the former requires an individual to take a career break of more than a couple of years, it can be daunting to re-join the workplace.

This is especially true in the technology sector where things can change quickly in the space of a few years. This is where our ‘Return to Work’ scheme comes in. Our 12 week paid programme will provide you with training and support to bring you back up to speed.

This will include on-site training, mentoring and the opportunity to work on your own project. Wherever possible we will work with returners to be as flexible as possible, which means offering both full-time and part-time hours where necessary.

Return to Work Scheme

4D's Return to Work Scheme

  • 12 week paid programme
  • Technical Support Placement will be offered in Surrey and Sussex
  • All other departments will be offered in Surrey
  • Open to professional women and men - min 2 year career break
  • We nurture diverse talent in a way that works best for you
  • Email applications to


  • Placements will be in the following departments:
    • Support
    • Software and Cloud
    • Networking
    • Sales
    • Marketing
    • Finance


Frequently asked questions about 4D's Return to Work scheme

Who can apply for the Return to Work programme?

You must have:

  • A keen interest in returning to work
  • Taken a voluntary career break of two years or more
  • Three or more years’ experience within professional services or the tech sector
  • The right to work in the UK

How do I apply?

Please send your CV to and within your covering letter include details of your career break (including relevant dates) so it’s clear that you’re eligible.

What happens after my application?

Once we’ve received your application we will send you an email confirming receipt. If you are successful we will be in contact within 3 weeks with details of next steps.

Unfortunately, because we receive a significant number of applications every year for this scheme, we will only be able to contact successful candidates in person. 

What kind of career breaks are valid?

A significant number of applicants to our Return to Work programme are women restarting their careers after having children. However, the programme is open to anyone, male or female, who has taken a voluntary career break of two or more years

Every type of career break will be considered, such as voluntary work, travelling around the world or caring for a friend or relative. Whatever you’ve done during your career break, we want to hear about how it has changed your life.

What will I be doing once I join the Return to Work scheme?

The type of work you’ll be doing will vary according to the department you join and at what level. What we can guarantee is that you will be given valuable on-site training and have an opportunity to work on projects that will have a direct impact on our business or our clients.

Will I be paid during the Return to Work scheme?

Yes. Our Return to Work scheme is paid and depending on which department you join and at what level, will be in line with our permanent roles.

Where will I be based?

Our main headquarters are in Byfleet (Surrey) so the majority of Return to Work roles will be based there. We do own a second data centre in Crawley (West Sussex) so there may be an opportunity for a Technical Support role in that site too depending on the business needs at the time.

What days / hours will I work?

The scheme is typically five days a week, Monday to Friday, though depending on personal circumstances we may consider another arrangements.

When do I start?

We typically start 12 week programmes in January, mid-April and early-September to coincide with school term times. For some departments and roles this period may be extended to 36 weeks.

Will I automatically get a part-time or permanent job at the end?

While our aim wherever possible is to transition people from the Return to Work scheme onto either a part-time or permanent role, we cannot always guarantee this outcome at the end.

Internships & Work Experience


Learn about our operational and technical systems, how to reply to tickets, answering technical enquiries by phone and helping clients on-site. Develop your  skills with a mini project under the supervision of your mentor.


Learn how to identify prospects, what interests them and the right way to contact them and get them engaged. No technical degree required but a sharp mind, a thirst for learning and a confident manner go a long way.

Internship Requirements

  • Eligibility to work in the UK
  • Good academic record
  • Advanced Excel and PowerPoint
  • Fluent English
  • Passion to learn & strong work ethic
  • Positive attitude & attention to detail

My Time at 4D Data Centres

Sadie Mosley

Sadie Mosley

Over my time here, at 4D, I have been able to get involved in how the company works, this let me gain a good insight into how a data centre works and more about what a data centre does.

For me, as a college student, this was particularly useful because, I was able to learn about and gain insight in all the different jobs in the company and the roles they do.

This helped me a lot in being able to narrow down the type of jobs I will want to do in the future.

My personal favorite part was the practical work on the data floor with the first line support team as I was able to get involved with projects such as cabling.

During my work experience, I have been able to work with a large variety of staff and they have been nothing but kind and helpful!

Everyone that I have worked with really got me involved with what their job entails.

The entire company have welcomed me with open arms and have continuously asked what I would like to do more of in what I find helpful for me.

Moreover, Jack Bedell-Pearce, the Managing Director, was very helpful as he spent a lot of time going through information about the company and about what I would be doing over my work experience.

He was also able to share some of his vast knowledge and personal experiences, which was interesting as it allowed me to learn a lot about the DC and how the company is run. Jack also gave me an insight based on our conversations where I should look and a platform for me to begin my career search and offered me advice whenever I might need his assistance in the future, which is a generous and appreciated offer for when I leave college and enter the unfamiliar business world that awaits me.

I really appreciate the opportunity they have given me and I will always be thankful for what 4D have done for me and how they have influenced my life.

Tour your local data centre

During their work experience at 4D, students will be shown around a live tier 3 data centre as part of a tour.

More information can be found by clicking the button below.

Graduate Recruitment Scheme

If you're a talented IT or Business student or an undergrad who aspires to a rewarding role in sales and management, follow 4D on LinkedIn and we'll let you know when we're inviting applications.