Not all colocation data centres are the same

Offering a suite of award-winning infrastructure solutions, we have built our reputation helping companies like yours leave behind reactive systems and progress on their digital transformation strategy.



Infrastructure and technology designed to support and scale your business

The way your data centre operates is going to have a serious impact on your IT, and at 4D we work hard to make sure we are doing everything we can to support our customers and their businesses:


UK-based and independently owned

Both of our data centres are 100% owned and operated within the UK, based in Surrey and Essex, giving you complete transparency on where your data is stored, and who has access to it, keeping you secure and compliant.


24/7/365 on-site technical support

Our data centres are staffed at all times with trained technical engineers, meaning you can have access and we can fix issues with your equipment at any time of day, while also providing a high level of security.


Our energy-efficient cooling is eco-friendly and award-winning

Our data centres are designed to be green, and have an industry leading Power Usage Effectiveness score.


Never had a power outage and 99.999% uptime

Our data centres have never had a power failure, and we guarantee 99.999% network uptime, thanks to our excellent power, cooling and network redundancies.

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Dedicated and customer-focused

Our engineers are here to be an extension of your IT team, ready to help whether it’s with the loan of a screwdriver, or advice on future upgrade options to optimise your IT.


Award-winning cooling

Our adiabatic cooling towers use evaporation to provide an award-winning level of efficiency, reducing our environmental impact and saving our customers money by reducing power costs.


100% power uptime since we opened in 2007

Expertly managed UPSs and generators have protected our customers’ servers from power failure for well over a decade.


Security conscious

Our data centres are staffed 24/7/365, every visitor is subject to an ID or biometric confirmation, we have CCTV throughout the data centre, and each individual rack is locked, keeping your data totally secure.


Expert engineers

Our engineers are Microsoft and Cisco certified. They also have extensive experience with deploying new services, allowing you to do so remotely, and hosting advanced HPC racks with intense power and cooling demands.


Secure, resilient and efficient IT solutions

Our data centres provide a range of managed infrastructure services. Through our colocation and cloud services we can provide you with cost-saving and reputation-protecting resiliency and our first-class connectivity will unite your IT into one connected system. Additionally, we will keep your data safe by integrating our comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions with any of our other services.


Quality service that improves business performance and agility

We provide award-winning infrastructure at our data centres, with facilities and equipment optimised to keep your systems online.

Data centre configuration


Our data centres have been planned and designed to be accessible and convenient, with plenty of room for expansion.

  • Edge data centre for Sussex and Gatwick
  • Conveniently located near Gatwick and Heathrow airports
  • 10,000 square feet of technical space (400 rack capacity)
  • Access, security and remote hands 24/7/365 – gated and secure compound

Power infrastructure


As well as built-in resilience, our data centres are equipped with power infrastructure that makes expanding your rack easy.

  • 3 MVA of power
  • Standard power of 32 Amps / 7.5kW per rack
  • Racks equipped with 40kW power feed
  • Dual feed rack power and UPS protection
  • 2N generators with enough onsite fuel to provide 36 hours of backup power



Our network connections are configured to guarantee you a reliable and convenient connection between your different platforms.

  • Carrier neutral with multiple tier-1 providers onsite
  • Transit, MPLS, peering and DDoS protection from 4D’s network
  • Cloud peering and direct connections into major cloud providers
  • Geographically diverse network lines for increase resiliency


Our video content

As well providing infrastructure solutions, 4D helps our customers and our community by producing award-winning videos which provide guidance on current IT options, and insight into how we operate.

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