Ad Hoc Technical Support

Because we understand that technical issues can vary from something as simple as hot swapping a hard disc to the detailed investigation of a troublesome firewall, we provide three levels of Ad Hoc Technical Support.

Basic remote hands - £80 an hour

This support includes: 

  • Resetting of an operating system
  • Resetting of hardware
  • Replacement of components
  • Installation/removal of hard drive
  • Provision and installation of patch cables
  • Checking cable connections

Standard remote support - £100 an hour

This level of support includes any process or procedure at client's direction or in accordance with a third party supplier's written instructions not falling within the scope of Remote Hands.
Examples include:

  • OS installations to published procedures
  • Changes to OS settings under direction of client
  • Software installations to published procedures
  • Logging on to client's servers
  • Web server admin tasks
  • Software updates

Advanced remote investigation - £120 an hour

This is for tasks that require investigatory work, such as:

  • Network or system troubleshooting
  • Resolving OS or database issues

Remote hands minutes

If you think you’ll need lots of remote hands or have a skills gap within your in-house technical team, we also offer various packages of additional ‘Remote Hands minutes’. These enable you to pre-purchase discounted minutes for the use of ad hoc support from our technical team. Think of it as an insurance policy for IT assistance.

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