We pride ourselves on our expertise, passion and commitment to deliver the best managed infrastructure solutions to businesses throughout the UK and beyond.

We believe in building long-term personal relationships, supporting business growth with innovative data centre technology and always striving to deliver the very best customer service.


Getting to know us

We at 4D have always believed that ‘people do business with good people’, and this aligned with Redcentric's culture of delivering the best possible service to help businesses succeed, and so 4D are now part of the Redcentric family. We all share a passion for all things to do with data centres and everything that goes inside them - including the people. 

Steve Wright

Chief Operating Officer

Peter Brotherton

Redcentric Chief Executive Officer

David Senior

Redcentric Chief Financial Officer

Carlyn Foster

Head of Marketing

Alex Webb

Head of Sales

Dan Pursey

Head of Support

Ashley Rance

Data Centre Facilities Manager

Stephen Perry

Cloud Infrastructure Manager

Michael Yiapatos

Head of Networks

Myles McSweeney

Gatwick Support Team Leader

Pushkal Purja

Surrey Support Team Leader
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We’re always on the lookout for great people, especially if they're as passionate about tech as us!

We live and breathe digital infrastructure from all angles and are always interested in hiring innovative, problem-solving people with a can-do attitude to help make our customers' lives easier.

Careers at 4D

Find out how 4D is becoming part of the Redcentric family.

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The 4D story

The 4D team love nothing more than helping customers solve their technology challenges – be it digital transformation or simply keeping their IT infrastructure running reliably 24/7.

Redcentric saw this passion and knew that it aligned with their goal of supporting their customers to success. That's why in 2022, Redcentric acquired 4D, and now together have an expanded portfolio of managed infrastructure services to help your business grow.

Watch this space!

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