Your people-focused infrastructure partner

Operating since 2007, 4D Data Centres is proudly people-focused. Support staff are available 24/7/365 in any emergency, as well as offering advice and guidance. Our colocation data centres have won multiple awards and proven our reliability by never having a power outage and guaranteeing 99.999% network uptime.



consistently delivering the best

UK managed IT infrastructure

through growth and innovation



Our unique history

We've built our reputation helping hundreds of organisations like yours leave behind reactive systems and processes while keeping pace with an ever-changing threat landscape.


With over 20 years of experience at the forefront of technology developments, this is our company story:

  • 1999

    The beginning

    David Barker, our founder and CTO, began his own business building websites at just 14 years old. His business offering soon expanded into web hosting and domain registration.

    6b_David Barker 4D-DC colo 2

  • 2007

    Our first data centre

    With investment from Keith and Jack Bedell-Pearce, 4D opened its first data centre, realising an ambitious goal of David’s he developed when he was reselling rack space in the early noughties.


  • 2017

    Our growth

    With David and Jack running the Byfleet data centre over the last ten years, the business had grown. It was time to expand and we opened a second data centre in Gatwick.


  • Now

    Where we're going

    We continue to expand the number of HPC racks we host, helping companies utilise this new generation of computing technology.

    We also have a close eye on immersion cooling, quantum computing, 5G and other future technologies, to ensure our customers are always given industry-leading solutions.



4D - Peek Inside Gatwick Open Day - April 2020 v6


Not all colocation data centres are the same

Take a real-time virtual tour of one of our data centres. The tour will be hosted by a senior member of our team, and they will virtually take you around our award-winning facilities.

What you will see:

  • Our 24/7/365 staffed front desk

  • The security processes that protect our clients' servers

  • The data floor

  • Our uninterruptible power supply infrastructure

  • The generators that keep our centre running in a power outage

  • Our award-winning adiabatic cooling towers


Accreditations & Affiliations

We are proud of the external recognition of our ability in specific areas:


PCI:DSS Compliant


LoNAP Member


PSN Connected


HSCN certified


LINX Member


Microsoft Silver Partner

Working with some of the UK’s leading Healthcare, Accountancy, Law and IT firms

4D Awards

4D is committed to utilising industry-leading technologies. Among these, we’ve deployed sophisticated cooling systems in our data centres, including adiabatic cooling towers. This high-capacity cooling allows us to host HPC infrastructure, and they’re also highly energy-efficient, leading to us winning ‘Best Energy Efficiency Project of the Year’ from the DCS awards and ‘Project of the Year’ at the Electrical Review Awards. This energy-efficiency also helps in our drive to be eco-friendly, and you can learn more about our Eco Credentials here.





DCS awards winner



Our Locations

Gatwick Data Centre

Address: 17-19 Kelvin Lane, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 9EY

Tel: 020 7183 0602

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Surrey Data Centre

Address: 4D Data Centres Ltd, 4D Surrey, 122 Oyster Lane, Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 7JU, United Kingdom

Tel: 020 7183 0602

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Kent Data Centre

Address: Vinters Business Park, The Maidstone Studios, New Cut Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5NZ

Tel: 020 7183 0602

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