UK Data Centres

4D Data Centres is a UK-based colocation data centre provider with facilities in Gatwick, Surrey and Kent. As well as colocation, we provide ultra-fast connectivity, business focused cloud and cyber solutions to organisations around the world.

Protecting our data centre staff and customers during Covid-19

We continue to monitor, respond and update our Pandemic Response Plan.  For 4D's latest updates, useful articles, business tips on how to mitigate risks, and our continuity plans, please review our Covid-19 Client Advice page.




Providing a range of managed infrastructure services for companies like you

A data centre is more than a building you put your servers in. Through colocation we can provide you with money-saving and reputation-protecting resiliency, our connectivity services will unite all of your IT into one connected system, and we can take some of the responsibility from your IT team if you launch one of our cloud options. Additionally, we will keep your data safe by integrating our comprehensive suite of cyber security solutions with any of our other services.

With the range of infrastructure solutions our data centres can provide, we can definitely provide an ideal solution for your company:



Some of 4D Data Centre’s accreditations

We’ve worked hard to build our reputation and as a result enjoy the privilege of being recognised and verified by various organisations:

Not all colocation data centres are the same

Take a real-time virtual tour of one of our data centres. The tour will be hosted by a senior member of our team, and they will virtually take you around our award-winning facilities.

What you will see:

  • Our 24/7/365 staffed front desk

  • The security processes that protect our clients' servers

  • The data floor

  • Our uninterruptible power supply infrastructure

  • The generators that keep our centre running in a power outage

  • Our award-winning adiabatic cooling towers



4D - Peek Inside Gatwick Open Day - April 2020 v6



Security conscious data centres

Our colocation facilities are highly secure, giving all of our customers – from healthcare to banking – confidence that their data is protected.


Physical security:

  • CCTV covering inside and outside of the data centres
  • Gated access to the car park
  • ID and/or biometric confirmation required for all visitors
  • Locked internal doors to manage movement through the data centre
  • Servers racks are locked with keys, codes or biometrics so only you have access
  • 24/7/365 on-site staff so your servers are never unattended


Why hundreds of organisations trust our data centres with their data

  • UK-based and independently owned – Our data centres are 100% owned and operated within the UK, giving you complete transparency on where your data is stored, and who has access to it.
  • 24/7/365 on-site technical support – Our data centres are staffed at all times with trained technical engineers, meaning you can have access and we can fix issues with your equipment at any time of day, while also providing a high level of security.
  • Never had a power outage and 99.999% uptime – Our data centres have never had a power failure, and we guarantee 99.999% network uptime, thanks to our excellent power, cooling and network redundancies.
  • Dedicated and customer-focused – Our engineers are here to be an extension of your IT team, ready to help with the loan of a screwdriver, or advice on future upgrade options.
  • Award-winning cooling – Our adiabatic cooling towers use evaporation to provide an award-winning level of efficiency, reducing our environmental impact and saving our customers money by reducing power costs.
  • Expert engineers – Our engineers are Microsoft and Cisco certified. They also have extensive experience with deploying new services and hosting advanced HPC racks with intense power and cooling demands.

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