The past 5 years have witnessed enormous growth of Public Cloud services within the enterprise market. However, if there is one thing plateauing this growth, it's a lack of trust.

After finally getting the go-ahead to proceed with a project to virtualise your physical servers into a cloud environment, it may seem that the hard part is actually making it all happen. However, in most cases the actual migration is one of the easiest parts.

The campaigns were closely fought. Polls indicated it would be close. Still, many businesses assumed that the UK would stick to what they knew and vote to remain in the European Union (EU).

4D recently ran the latest in our series of ‘Tech Heads’ events at G-live in Guildford.

Bigger is better, right? If in doubt, go with what you know. That certainly looks to be the rule in the Cloud industry, dominated as it is by Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google. 

The National Press this morning has been full of the challenges experienced overnight by the Government as the 'Register to vote' website became unavailable for an extended period of time just as the deadline was looming for EU referendum registration.

Recent large-scale cyber-attacks raise questions regarding the level of security expertise in SME's. Here we outline the challenges alongside a potential solution.

The recent controversy over Google DeepMind and the Royal Free NHS Trust raises interesting issues around Public Sector data usage. Here we discuss the issues and a potential solution.

The new 4D brand is now live. To celebrate we're holding a prize draw to win 1 of 5 Medium VMs...

4D's managing director, Jack Bedell-Pearce, contributed to an article on productivity in the latest issue of Financial Management magazine, the publication of CIMA (the chartered institute of management accou