Technical Team at 4D Data Centres, Tier 3 green data centres in Surrey, London Docklands and Kent

4D Technical Team

Meet the IT crowd…

Steve Lawrence

Head of Technical Operations and Development

Steve is the developer and lead technical advisor for in-house and customer projects. Involved in project management, software development and IT operations management, Steve likes to get involved in anything technical. Some of Steve’s development projects include: the biometric security system; ticket alerting; environmental and power monitoring; core switch and router backup systems.

He holds the following qualifications: ITIL, MCSE, MCP+i, CSSA, and First Aid and has been in the IT industry for 19 years.

If Steve was an Operating System he’d be… Debian Linux - open minded, experienced, popular and very geeky.

Steve likes working at 4D because… I love the diversity of my job. Every day presents a different set of challenges.

Steve’s top tip is… The next time an application in Windows 7 starts playing up there’s an easy way to find out when and how things started to go wrong. Just go to Search on the Start menu and type ‘PSR’ (without the quotes), click the Start Record button then do whatever it is that’s causing the problem and every action will be faithfully recorded. This is the Problem Steps Recorder or PSR.  It logs everything that happens when you’re using a program, including keystrokes and menu selections. All this is saved in a compressed file, along with screen-grabs, which can then be used to diagnose the problem. It’s really easy to use.

Michael Yiapatos

Michael Yiapatos

Head of Connectivity and Networks

Michael designs, upgrades and supports 4D Data Centre’s network infrastructure providing a high level of customer support and helping to improve business performance.

He holds the following qualifications: HND, BSc, MSc, MIET, CCNP, CCNA, CCNA Security and Prince2 Registered Practitioner. He’s been in the IT industry for ten years.

If Michael was an Operating System he’d be… Windows, providing a great user experience.

Michael likes working at 4D because… I like the friendly, informal working environment. I enjoy getting involved in a variety of projects and technologies thereby expanding my knowledge and increasing my broader business experience.  I enjoy training the first-line support staff and being able to see the impact that my contribution has on the business as a whole.

Michael’s top tip is… If it ain’t broke don’t fix it - unless you possess an in-depth knowledge of the specific subject!

Piotr Bienkowski

Piotr Bienkowski

Senior Hosting and Systems Manager

Piotr is the systems administrator for the hosting platform and office servers. He also provides third-line technical support to clients. Together with the rest of the senior support team, he makes sure that first and second line support staff are well trained and looked after in order to maintain the highest level of service that our clients expect.

He holds the following qualifications: MCITP (Windows Server 2008 and Exchange 2010), MCSE (Windows Server 2003) and CCNA. He has been in the IT industry for six years.

When his family asks him what he does, Piotr tells them… It’s top secret and I can't speak about it!!

If Piotr was an Operating System he’d be… OS X. Fashionable and clever but still solidly based on Unix underneath! Just like open source code I like to learn, adapt and have my files upgraded.

Piotr likes working at 4D because… I enjoy technical challenges and the opportunity to learn new things.

Piotr’s top tip is… ask Google!

Ian Dorrell

Ian Dorrell

Senior Technical Developer

Ian provides on-going development on the existing 4D website, new websites and microsites. Working closely with Steve Lawrence, he provides design and coding support for internal software development projects. He also supports Laura Bedell-Pearce with the technical aspects of various marketing activities. Ian is currently leading the development of the new 4D Hosting website.

If Ian was an Operating System he’d be…MAC OS X – functional and modern. Making things more user-friendly and efficient to try to make peoples’ lives easier is one of my main goals.

Ian likes working at 4D because… every week presents a new challenge and something to learn. Working within a rapidly growing company exposes me to many new technologies which I find easy to grasp because I work with a great team.

Ian’s top tip is…There is a big difference between knowing the theory and then putting it into practice. Gain as much hands-on-experience as you can out in the field, as this is where it truly counts.

Anton Karatkevich

Anton Karatkevich

Connectivity and Provisioning Manager

Anton works closely with suppliers, carriers and the 4D team to ensure the correct and speedy supply of all connectivity services. He also provides third-line technical support to clients and manages the first and second-line support teams. Together with Piotr, he makes sure that all the day-to-day operations in the data centre run smoothly and that any issues are resolved in a timely manner.

If Anton was an Operating System he’d be…Windows 8 with many great features but still under development.

Anton likes working at 4D because…it is a perfect ‘geeky’ family with the elders teaching the righteous path and the young ones eager to learn!

Anton’s top tip is…Not knowing something is not permanent!


Our staff are actively encouraged to undertake further training to deepen their knowledge and broaden their skill base. All new first-line support staff have an internal 8 to 12 week training program to make sure they have experience of all the different platforms they will come across in the data centre as well as having the opportunity to shadow more experienced members of staff. All staff are regularly reviewed and mentored and we hold frequent team outings to reward their hard work. Looking after your equipment and our data centres is an important job which is why we invest so much time and money in our staff – after all, with great power comes great responsibility.