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Christmas Competition 2014

November 14, 2014

A competition to win £250 John Lewis vouchers for Christmas - by invitation only I'm afraid!

Bash Bug - What Business Owners Need To Do

October 8, 2014

A plain English explanation to the bash bug: Why is it headline news? What are the realistic threats to small businesses? What basic steps should you take to mitigate the threat? 

Can we have $10bn please (as a bonus we’re profitable)?

October 2, 2014

4D's Managing Director, Jack Bedell-Pearce discusses the risks of high valued tech companies and asks the question; is this the tech bubble of 1999 all over again?

Forthcoming Roadworks

September 16, 2014

Advanced Warning: 4D Surrey night road closures 22nd September to 26th September

TrueCrypt is dead, long live secure data

August 20, 2014

Stephen Millinger, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, writes about the death of TrueCrypt and suggests alternatives for businesses.

It’s the final countdown – for Server 2003

August 8, 2014

Stephen Millinger, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, writes about Server 2003 and it's up and coming end of life. Practical information on what businesses should do over the coming months.


July 14, 2014

Stephen Millinger, Technical Pre-Sales Consultant, discusses the future of wearable technology and compares some of the latest gadgets on the market.

Top 10 programs for the mother-in-law

July 10, 2014

Jack Bedell-Pearce, talks IT support for the family and gives top tips on which programs you should choose.

GOZeuS and CryptoLocker

June 5, 2014

David Barker talks about the GOZeuS botnet, the risks towards businesses and how to defend your systems against it.

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